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18 February, 2015
When this lady first walked into my life almost a decade back, I had no idea she'd change a part of me to someone I am today. This is a long pending post dedicated to not just a friend, but a soul-sister, a person who knows me better than I know myself, someone who has been alongside through all walks of life, and the only person I allow to abuse me in the worst of English/hindi language slangs :D  

Ms. Stuti Tiwary, the only girl I know who once had a gender problem like me (using ‘jaunga’ ‘khaunga’ instead of ‘jaungi’ khaungi’). Sadly, owing to social pressure, she has sorted this out, but nothing else has changed much besides that. She’s still the happy go lucky person, the party lover, and the extremely outgoing person I have known. Not many people can see through her ‘bold exteriors’, which hide an extremely soft and sensitive person inside. Yes, she’s only tough for the big bad world.

When I first came to Delhi, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to survive the hip-hop kind of an environment that the North Campus of Delhi University is known for.  But in about a matter of six months, I found myself sitting next to Ms. Tiwary at the notorious Lover’s Point of Hansraj College, checking out studs and whistling at a couple of them every now and then. I would say, I was only ‘naughty’ before I came to Delhi, but this girl, she brought out the ‘naughtiest’ in me.

She gives me gyaan very occasionally, but when she does, they become a part and parcel of my life. Some of her golden words:
  •  In friendship, you don’t expect from me, and I don’t expect from you
  • When you meet a guy, always consider him a dog, till the time he proves that he is not one (no offence to anyone, although am sure there’s none taken)
  •  Party when you are partying, and study when you are studying (basically, ‘focus’)
  • If the friendship is true, the roads are bound to meet again
  • Move on quickly; don’t hang around your past
  • Just chill and live life to the fullest
Ms. Tiwary, I hereby publicly declare that I am crazy about you and love you more than ever. And come what may, am never letting go of you.

P.S.: Please abuse me only on personal chat after reading this; public display of affection could be injurious to my reputation :D :D

With love,
yours and only yours Anu :* :*


Anonymous said...

Haa Haa :-) Awesome it is :-)
I request u to plz abuse anuja here itself :-P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love it. You really do love your friends a lot.

Emmanuel said...

God is love! :heart: Catholic blogwalking :-) http://emmanuel959180.blogspot.in/

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