~~The Story of a Girl - Part 2~~

25 June, 2015
It was another one of my late-entry days into the class. Without having much of a choice, I had to grab a seat in the front row. Till about a month back, I had to look for an opportunity to turn back to check whether he was present, but I did not need to do that anymore. Now, I could just feel his presence. It sounds crazy, isn't it? Yeah, it is!

This feeling of sensing someone's presence is inexplicable. It's as if his very own presence has filled a void in that space. It is like a connection from your heart to his. It is like an imaginary force that is pulling you so hard that you don't really have a choice but to feel it. You can instantly sense the smell of his body odor even if he tries to mask it with the most classy perfume. You start to like the scent of his body rather than the fragrance of his expensive perfume he uses. Yes, it is that much melodramatic.

This wasn't happening for the first time to me. I'd had a similar experience some seven years back, but we'll save that story for some other time. It's a rare and a unique feeling that you would experience once or twice in your lifetime. This was my second time I was experiencing it, and I prayed to God that it would also be my last.

So going back to where we started from; I was sitting in the front row while I  felt his presence somewhere behind and as a reflex I gave a big smile to Piyush who was sitting next to me. I guess he must have thought that I was hitting on him. This was very evident from his behavior throughout the remainder of the class and yes, throughout our remainder of two years in college. Sometimes, you sow the seeds of love, feelings and attachment in a person without really meaning to do it. It is not your fault; nor is it theirs. It just happens. And going by the same logic, this guy I had been drooling over from the past couple of months, also probably didn't feel for me the way as I did for him. I might have been just guessing also. I was still in that 'he loves me, he loves me not' zone.

The class got over and the first thing I did was to turn around and take a look at him, which was obvious. There he was. Aaaah, that smile!! It almost made me want to cry with joy. The happiness was short lived though. If rumors were to be believed, he was chasing this hot-looking girl in our class. I did not want to believe them, but I was forced to when I caught him constantly trying to make small talk to her or be around her. And that's what he was doing right then. He looked around and our eyes met. I immediately turned and started walking away towards the corridor. Those tears of joy had turned into tears of sorrow. I felt fat, ugly, short. She was tall, rich, beautiful, and had that perfect hour-glass figure. Why would he ever choose me over her. At the same moment, I thought of giving up. But then, somebody came up from behind and hit me so hard on my head that I almost fell on the floor. There he was- the guy I was going head over heels for! I turned back immediately and we started a playful fight; I'd punch him hard on his shoulder and he'd punch me back with equal vigour. After a few minutes, our wrestling ended but what rushed back was a flood of emotions, feelings and hopes.

"This guy, he'll be mine one day," I smiled and thought to myself as I walked back to my hostel that day. I was in dire need of taking a bath; people in the room next to ours had started complaining of a false odour. It had been five days. Horrendous? I know.

Editing credits: Murali Manohar, who is an awesome writer himself and I owe him one for giving this a smooth and final touch. He's also advised me to re-read Wren and Martin :P Thanks Murali! You remind me of my favourite English teacher in school :) :)


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