~~The Story of a Girl :) ~~

21 June, 2015
The 9:00 a.m. classes were the worst. As hostelers, we had inherited the traditional habit of sleeping late in the night, or should I say early in the morning. Our most hated object - the alarm - would ring sharp at 8.30 a.m. In 20 minutes, 3 roommates, using a common bathroom and toilet, finished their daily social obligations (excluding bathing ofcourse; that we would keep for the evening). The classroom door would be shut at 9:05 a.m. sharp; no late comers allowed. Keeping this in mind, we ran, yes literally ran, the 300 meters to college.

It was one of these days. I managed to rush into the class at sharp 9:04 a.m. The professor sat on his chair; arms folded; staring at the floor; not blinking. Then without even looking at his watch, he stood up at 9:05 a.m. sharp, reached the door, and shut it on the face of a student, whose squeak of  'please Sir' subsided somewhere behind the door.

I was a back bencher. Not always though. The first two lectures in a trimester for every professor were spent in analyzing his behavioral patterns.  Does he pick up back benchers to ask them questions or does he focus on teaching only the bunch sitting in the front? Basis the analysis drawn, I would choose a seat. Ofcourse I wasn't left with much of a choice when the class had full attendance and I managed a late entry.

So this was another late entry day. I was forced to sit amongst book worms. Not that they were bad people or I had a problem with them, infact some of them were my best buddies.  I was just very different from them. The class started. The professor started scribbling some statistical data on the board. I had to look busy, so I blindly started Ctrl 'V'ing whatever he wrote onto my notebook. Then very subtly, I turned around to take a look at my friends seated at the back. My eyes wandered around searching for him. He wasn't there. 'Silly boy', I smiled to myself and thought, 'must've been chatting with some random girl all night''.

That day, two years ago, this boy who had unknowingly crept into a corner of my heart, had given me hopes of an adventurous and fun-filled future. His presence had rejuvenated my life, and whenever my best friend and classmate Sakshi asked me 'what is it that you like in him?', I smirked and said, 'nothing, it's just the way his presence brings me to life'. Sakshi would then jolt me hard and shout aloud 'Stop dreaming!! and come back to reality'!

Anyways, that day turned out to be really boring. He didn't even turn up in the second half, lazy bums! I managed to sleep through both the 3-hour long lectures; once or twice nudged by a friendly neighbour who'd been religiously copying down notes on strategic management and managerial economics from the past 4-5 hours. Little did he know then, that he'd eventually end up getting a 'Sales Manager' job in a bank two years later. I bet, if he'd known this, we'd be dozing off together that day.

The bell rang. After the usual chitter-chatter here and there, I headed back to my hostel where the next episode of Big Bang Theory was waiting for me. As I entered my room, I threw myself into the bed, turned the laptop on and the episodes marathon began. I was supposed to take a bath, but decided to wake up early next morning to take one.

I obviously didn't wake up early next day. And the next day too. And the next.....Sorry, I don't quite like the idea of bathing.. It's a sheer waste of time, water and energy. If I were God, I would scrap this option out of the lives of humankind completely.

(to be continued...)

 Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story and the ones to come are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental :P 


dilashi hemnani said...
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dilashi hemnani said...

Wow biji ...ain't I Sakshi :P just curious ...biji ur writing has this amazing reader connect always ..keep writing more :*

vartika anand said...

Another awesome blog anu.. I am waiting for the next part now!!! ;) Started missing my MBA days..luv ur writing so plz plz plzzz keep writing.. :-*

Unknown said...

You are a natural writer. Keep writing.

Arushi Ahuja said...

Adorable!! really cute!would have loved to hear more abt the boy thogh!!;)

Manasa Shridhar said...

Wow!! Didn't know you write so well...You got me engrossed!! Next chapter wanted now!!!

shreya bhutada said...

at some points I felt I am actually reading a novel... nice writing girl

shreya bhutada said...

continue it please :P please please

Murali said...

Good work! Keep it up ��

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