11 June, 2009
As I sit down today to write down the first post of my blog, I ask myself "What is the biggest thing that has happenend to me of late?". And the only answer i get is "Change".
Change and movement are the only constants in life- the fact that day follows night and that spring and autumn are both equally meaningful ,makes life more joyful and complete. As we align to this law of nature, and learn to integrate all our experiences, we renew ourselves and grow.
And so I conclude that change is unavoidable and that change may cause pain but it is a temporary phase and will slowly pass by. :)


Golden Vulture said...

heyyy .. those words are full of wisdom motu :).. life will be wonderful .. life is change .. and change is life .. the more you learn .. the more you will progress :)..

Changes are for good :)it is the best that God ji decides for us :D

Keep smiling .. n welcome to the blogging world :D

Anjali said...

Vow! you are really showing your creativity... keep it up... we want more....

arushi said...

nice blog!! like it!! :))

bhavya said...

Change is the way of life
That's a gift that god gives us, because monotony wouldn't do us any good.....

So though it may surprise(pleasently or may be not so pleasent) but it is definitely needed

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