Don't go !!

19 December, 2010

Today, am going to narrate to you a sad tale,
of a girl, who tried, tried, tried but failed
of a girl, who loved a boy so much,
but who left her, with desolation, despair and just his last touch...

There she stands, frozen, on the barren land,
the world beneath her eyes sunk.. no sun, no moon, no stars for her,
she's just a stone, a hard rock,
flooded with agony and shock...

A victim of distrust,
there's nothing left for her.. except a vision-less vision, a senseless touch, and a life full of rust!

One day, as he passes by,
the boy sees her.. her pitiable sight.
He says: "Oh dear one, are you alright? Is there anything I might?"

She looks up after ages,
and just sighs...
with utter effort,she manages to utter: "Oh life, have you come? Please stay, please stay.. You're all I have.. Just stay, please stay?"

He continues to walk,
She screams: "Don't go, don't go!!"
But he doesn't look back for even once..

On her lifeless legs, she manages some steps,
But then she falls to the barren land, screaming: "kill me and go, just kill me and go!!"
and as he vanishes over the horizon,
she takes her last breath, to just merge with the earth!!


meenakshi said...

nice poem :)

Ankita Jain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nishant Gupta said...

teeloo.. sad poem yar :-(

Hemant Yadav said...

I like.

Golden Vulture said...

sad poem matku :(

Arushi said...

oye... love it :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Nice Post. :|

Keep up the good work.. :)

ben said...

Abey..don't tell me you've gone and got yourself heart broken now..nice poem..dramatic..I like it


prithvi said...

hmm....i read the poem your way, you know if you change the gender of your protagonist it will make another interesting poem to read...

vijay said...

very interesting poem ,jst keep it up.

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