~~LIFE is indeed JUST~~

18 October, 2011

Ever wondered what life is? We fall, we stand. Then we fall again, then again we stand. And this goes on and on, till the day we realise that “Only change is constant”. But in all probability, at least one strand of white hear in our head would have popped up by the time we realise this. We spend our entire lives wondering what life is. And the answer is again: We fall, we stand. Then we fall again, then again we stand.

Remember the scene in “Bruce Almighty”, when Bruce is all frustrated after having lost his job, and has been beaten up by a gang. After all this, he sees a beggar holding a sign that reads LIFE IS JUST. Bruce says: “Just? Just get a clue!” But Bruce was wrong and that was the reason why he was going through so many hardships. When we fall, the point is not that we fell. The more important point is whether we stood up again or not-whether or not we stood up again, and told the world that we are here to conquer, and no one can ever have enough capacity to keep us to the ground!

Talking about the saying that “only change is constant”. I am 22 now, and if there’s one thing that I have learnt the hard way is this. You go to a place, you make friends, you pledge to be friends with them for your entire life, and one fine day, you have to leave. Then you go to another place-you make more friends, you make pledges to be friends with them for the rest of your life, and again, there comes a day, when you have to move on. Years later, you look back to see whether those friends are still there. But all you find is void, because change is constant for them too. There is no one to blame. You moved on in your own life, they moved on in theirs.

The point that I am trying to make is: we need to accept that life can not always be happy. It is how we react to situations that really matters. Take life as it comes. Had life been an entity and you could go to it personally and request it to not give you pains, I could have still thought. But it is not in your hands to control everything that happens to you. No matter what the situation, just keep yourself going, and know that life is really short-there is absolutely no time to waste in keeping grugdes, pondering over “why only me”, and wasting precious moments. Just smile and live every moment. LIFE IS INDEED JUST :)


Nishant Gupta said...

true to the core. life moves on, people should too. only the fittest survive, rest compromise. good piece of writing. keep it up.

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