~~~COLLEGE DAYS~~~( Part 1)

05 December, 2009
It's the June of 2006. The auditorium of Hansraj College, Delhi University is packed with fachchas, semi-pakkas and fully-pakkas.. As I put my first foot inside, a sense of excitement engulfs me.. "this is going to be exciting!!"-somebody shouts inside me.

After the orientation at the auditorium I meet some of my new friends. I really can't recall the others, but Meenakshi was on of them. This girl manages to grab your attention at the very first sight-sleek, stylish, flamboyant, curly hair-very fair :). So together we head towards the canteen. My first impression of DU colleges was that they are known to be full of notorious seniors-who will not miss a chance to rag or gag on a junior. So although my teeth managed to crunch that piece of food in the canteen, my eyeballs rolled from one corner to the other to look for something unusual. And then, as if our worst fears came true, we started to sense some ragging going on(It couldn't have been loud, since there were cameras put all over the college). Poor little things, we managed to make an escape then. But little did we know, that there was lots to come and that there was no escape key on this keyboard!!


Coming up soon.. Part 2-First day in the class. Read on :) :).... In the meanwhile help me by adding your own experiences and views... maybe this is how we can relive that incredible past again :)


ninni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anjali Sharma said...


Nishant Gupta said...

why is one of the comments removed?? this is very wrong on ur part tillu... restore the comment plz..

and yeah.. there has been some grammatical errors.. eg. meet should be "met"
and this college days should span atleast 50 episodes. coz the time we spent there, deserves such a description..

and last but not the least...

write on..

Anuja Sharma said...

@Ninni: Thanks Nin.. lots to come :)

Anuja Sharma said...

@Nishant: Dear pishutious, i did not delete it, the post has been removed by the author of the comment :)

yeah it should be 'met', but not really my fault .. am still stuck in the past and the present(ironical.. hehe)..

Thanks anyways pishutious, u encourage me to write on :)

Nishant Gupta said...

U knw i'll always do that, coz thats the thing u do for me.. :-)

and i'll always miss u too.. and i'll always miss hansraj college. There is No replacement for anything!

Golden Vulture said...

;) keep it coming chote mote :)
have a goooooooooooooood good day ahead:)

Anuja Sharma said...

@Golden Vulture: Thanks re hathi :)

meenakshi said...

Its really delightful to read this post f urs...feeling a little nostalgic as well...i remember meeting you on the day of admission...n then on the orientatn day, on my way to clg i was qt nervous to enter the new place all by myself...n when i unboarded the bus, trust me i was so glad to see you entering the main gate...you were there with your mom n didi...so cheerful, so welcoming...n so excited abt entering 'our Hansraj' as a student for the frst tm...v attended the orientation prgrm in the audi that was almst full (v were late or others came too early :P).v dint get a seat bt v managed to find some place for us to get the view of the stage...n then going to the canteen n claiming the samosas n cold drink frm the coupons v got... U, ur mom and ur didi were discussng abt the hostel u have to take n then i remember ur mom sayng "next tm jab hum Delhi aenge vl visit ur place :)"...tell them that they are always welcomed at my plc :)

aaah...thnx a lot for bringing that day back to me... I know the 3 years in Hansraj college will always always remain close to our hearts... :)

n U have maintained a wonderful blog...keep blogging :) :)

Anuja Sharma said...

Thanks a ton Meena.. am glad to see that you remember so much and shared it all on my blog.. :) :)

Anil said...

me to ankit se mila tha iss din mujhe aachi tarah yaad hai

akshayhack0123 said...


yeh comment -ve sense main likha hia ya +ve main ....rofl

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