Starting with 'I THOUGHT I SAW.....'

13 September, 2009
I THOUGHT I SAW an unidentified flying object!! All thanks to a news channel which managed to horrify,petrify and not just awake but shake the darkest of fears in me. Their show " SOMEONE's LOOKING AT YOU " one night happily gifted me with a sleepless night. They will have repeated "Someone's looking at you" almost 'n' number of times and everytime with the same thrust and vigour that I actually started looking at my windows to see if there was an alien peeping inside. They kept showing those ghost-like faces and I very foolishly succumbed to their horrow show.

It finally ended but what continued was the continuous flashing of that alien face in my mind. I didn't turn off the lights, and tightly hid my face with the pillow(to the extent that I could have choked myself to death) but that image wouldn't go. And what more can one ask for in such a dire situation-'the Nature's call' rings. I tried to control but a Nature's call is a Nature's call and even Nature cannot do anything about it. So, I had no other option but to give up. I rushed towards the toilet, making sure not to look at the windows, and continuously chanted 'om om om om'[Now I realise jaadu from 'Koi Mil Gya' would have gladly flown down to the earth again with that 'om om' but thank stars I didn't realise it then].

The restlesness continued the whole night and it continues till today, as every time I look up at the sky and see an airplane blinking, the first thought that comes to me is 'I THOUGHT I SAW an unidentified flying object'.

I might have been very casual and light in my approach but it's a serious issue that I wish to put forth. Exasperation of petty issues on the T.V. is all that is left in store of the news channels. They will go on and on with the lamest and the most unimportant topic and in two shakes of a lamb's tail they will manage to draw the attention of foolish people like us. It is for us to realise that it is their way of getting themselves noticed and gain supremacy over the other channels. Not only are they ignorant to other serious issues in the country but they are also ignorant to humanity. They are sick people blinded by money,name and fame!!


Anjali said...

Very good effort.....

Anuja Sharma said...

Thanks a lot Nin :)

Arushi said...

hey!! dats an amazing story Doll!! lols afraid of aliens hehe... nyc one!! :)

Anuja Sharma said...

Thanks darling.. I appreciate your appreciation :) ;)

Siddhi Agrawal said...

hey it happened wid u???
its seems funny nw but must hv been ur scariest night thn

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