~~~COLLEGE DAYS~~~(Part 3)... Enter Nishant Gupta :)

03 January, 2010
I am supposed to be an ambivert, I keep fluctuating between an introvert and extrovert depending on the situation. We were all new in the college, people were forming groups and becoming friends. It's the most difficult task for me-mingling with new people. In the breaks between the lectures, I either made my way back to my hostel nearby or hovered alone in the college premises.

One such day, when my process of hovering was on, ENTER:: NISHANT GUPTA!!..I will not start by showering any words of praise for this person as I have for others in my earlier posts.. We will together try to analyse and understand this one creature, and maybe we can sooner or later decide on who and what he is.. he he .. So again, ENTER:: NISHANT GUPTA

Nishant(as he sees me walking by) -> Arey suno Anuja
Anuja -> Haan?
Nishant?(waving his hand violently)-> Hiiiiiiiii
Anuja(with a smile) -> Hello
Nishant(sitting on LP stones) -> yahaan aao na

Anuja walks towards him

Nishant ->Baetho naaa

And then in a very meek and low voice,

Nishant -> Tumhaare bina humara dil nahi lagta!!!!!!

(Off the post: Nishant is actually going to kill me for this! Sorry pishutious, this is the reality and you ought to face it ;) )

I pretended as if I hadn't heard his last sentence. And he lived under the misconception that I had not heard it.. Not that he meant anything but this is how this guy is, he will go to any level of craziness and madness to create a light mood. And that is how he has been from that point of time till even today.. I have still not praised him, it will probably come at a later stage and I want to do full justice to it ;)

So, we sat and chat there for some time. We had probably taken the first step towards a friendship that would stay forever and ever. But little did we know then that we were two junglees from the same jungle and that he was BDAA ANUJA and I, CHHOTA NISHANT :) :) :)


Arushi said...

achha likha hai... i like the way u keep ur frends... talk of experience... i felt precious too wen i read it even tho its in no way bout me... i dont even knw ur frend here waise... :)

Anuja Sharma said...

@Arushi: Thanks a ton darling.. thanks for appreciating :)

Anil said...

awesome yaar..... nishant sahi me teri jaan le lega is ke liye..... ...
haan wese bhi nishant to hai flirt.... sab bolte hai!!!!

Nishant Gupta said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahaa.... tilleeeee ye kya likha hai be... :-P

mujhe to tune baithe bithaae flirt bana diya ek number ka.. haha. aur anil kyun uchhal raha hai itna?

@ arushi... no problems girl. Its never late to know anyone :-)
Hi i am Nishant Gupta, Hansraj College passout, Delhi University 06-09. :-P ;-)

ninni said...

Very nice.... but poor Nishant!!!!

Anuja Sharma said...

@Anil: he he.. sahi vaar.. he he

@Nishant: he he..kya kahein tumhaare baare me pishutious, ab yahin dekhlo.. Arushi ne puchha tumse tumhaare baare me kuch?? he he

@Ninni: Thanks Nin.. yeh Nishant koi poor woor nahi hai.. shyana hai ek number ka :D

Nishant Gupta said...

heheehehe... mujhe pata tha mere uss comment ke baad ye reply aana hi tha... :-P

akshayhack0123 said...

nish.... i know u well beta.....kitne secret crushes rah chuke hia apke coll life main....rofl

anyways ...kafi short desc hai nish ka in comparison to Ankit miglani...may b u spend most of the tym with ankit rather then Nish

Siddhi Agrawal said...

nishant has always been a ful too fundooo man...

I still remember: we took rick together from pulbangash to colg, n all wid his wierd facial expressions he made me laugh like hell!!!

seriously funny!! ( using oxymoron)

Nishant Gupta said...

I am still looking for those words of praise, that were to come at a later stage ;)

Anuja Sharma said...

@Pishu: Itne paise me toh itnaaich milega :D

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