Little did I know ...

30 January, 2010

Everytime at the moon I used to glance,
Beneath it, on the clouds, I saw us dance.
But then, you left me in a trance,
without even giving me a chance.

I thought you were mine,
I used to always thank the Divine,
Little did I know then,
within you there were no such signs.
Anyways, I'll be fine...

I sigh.. thinking of the days gone by,
when you smiled at me.. I fell shy,
Little did I know then,
that you were not the guy
Anyways, I'll try not to cry...

The times you hugged me tight,
after a huge fight.
Little did I know then,
that the path was not right.
Anyways, I'll be alright...

Here I am, standing alone,
Regretting the days bygone.
For little did I know then,
That you will be gone.
Anyways, I'll move on...

Please note that the poem above does not pertain to anybody in the World. It is purely a work of imagination and deep innovative thinking ;) :) :)


sandeep said...

its really interesting n mostly its remind me something special that i was banging my head for ....
awesome !!!!!!!

Anil said...

mast likha hai yaar.... tere me talent hai!!!! mujhe to last ka DISCLAIMER bhi aacha laga....
and wese bahut sahi likha ...

Nishant Gupta said...

heheheehe... waaaah tille.. maza aa gaya yaar. kya likh diya hai ye tune... waah waah waah.

in mithun da's words : kya baat, kya baat, kya baat... hee hee!!

ninni said...

what made you think of this???? wonderful!!!!

Swati Jain said...

gr8 composition dear..

U write like a professional writer gal..

N i agree wd Ankit..write frequently n u cn publish ur buk :)

stuti said...

hey suar,
AMAZING......seems u hv poured ur
heart out....gud 1

ben said...

Oof .. heartbreak huh .. well written

ben said...

Oof . heartbreak .. huh .. nice rhyme

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