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01 March, 2010

The awesome-five SMARS were the stars,
Anil-Nishant the ultimate superstars

Ankit our sweet angel,
Yamini our darling damsel.

Swasti, Ms. Eternal beauty,
Neha, the girl so pretty pretty.

Rahul, hey wazzup dude!!
Disha, Supriya-Oh come on, don't be so rude!

Anamika, am so cute!
Saumit, izzat li iski loot.

Himanshu, I want girls,
Aparna, Sakshi, Meenakshi, the cute girls with the curls.

Deepika hamari padhaaku bachi,
Bhavya top maar maar k na thaki

Akhil, we don't need no education,
Kansal, Nitin-aap test me fail ho gaye, congratulations.

Lokesh, Kunal the close buddies,
Khanna, roaming around in chuddies

Gulati, the id ka chaand,
MA k peeche chhod do koi saand!

BK Ma'am, our last sem doze,
Yeh Anita Madam kyun chilaati hain roz??

GS, our friend and mentor,
Rachna Madam, Nainital's attraction center.

SA, Yes Please!!
DJ ko kiya kitna tease!!
This poem was a creation of tillu,
Your cute little pillu ;) :) :)


Anil said...

arrey yaar awesome likha hai yaar ... seriously awesome.... "li iski izzat loot".. mind blowing
har ek ko bahut sahi explain kiya hai!! teachers ko bhi ... lolz

Golden Vulture said...

badiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mote .. mast likha hai :) .. yahi par likh de .. sab ..

keep writing :)

The Wanderer said...

hehehehe!!!... uber-awesome yaar!!!

Siddhi Agrawal said...

wow wonderful way to describe and remember ur buddies!1

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

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