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22 April, 2012
Life’s battles are not always fought on the battlefield. Most of the times, they are fought within ourselves. As my dear mother always puts it, “Mann toh buddhu hai, use apne kaabu me karna padta hai” (Mind is foolish, you need to get it under your control). And as the song from the Bollywood movie Lafangey Parindey goes “Mann lafanga bdaa, apne hee mann ki kare” (The mind is caddish; it will do things according to its own mind).

We will always have an urge to eat that extra burger even when our tummy does not have the capacity, or to gulp down some cold drink even when our nose is choking due to cold, or to vent our frustration out on our dearest one even when we know we should not be doing it. We end up suffering and repenting that one mistake we committed just because our ‘mann’ lured us to.

We need to constantly practice self-control in order to weave a healthy-wealthy, social, and happy life for ourselves. I would acquiesce to someone who says “Life is too short to think twice”. Indeed, life is short, but you must think twice when you are faced with situations where your happiness is at stake. Do not think twice when you feel like giving a hug to your mother, or when you decide to donate blood, or when you know you should be saying sorry, or when someone smiles at you—just smile back. :) ‘Mann’ is axiomatically lafanga, do not let it turn you into one ;)

Life’s biggest defeat comes when we try to keep every single person around us happy. We must learn to first find internal happiness, only then can we spread it to our family and dear ones. They will, in turn, spread it to their near and dear ones, and this will go on and on till the day our earth becomes an even happier place to live in! :)


Vinay said...
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Vinay said...

People who look at the past through rose-tinted glasses are always happier than those who focus on negative past experiences and regrets. Very nicely written. and quite inspiring as well!!

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