~~Life- An Illusion?~~

03 May, 2012
There is this involuntary feeling that the world is an illusion. That there is nothing but void and darkness behind me. That things take form and shape as soon as I turn around and take a look at them. That I am the only person on the earth and everything else is a figment of my imagination. That it is a game that someone is playing. That that someone is probably God and I am under constant CCTV coverage. That what I see on the TV or hear on the radio is not actually happening and is broadcasted by Bhagwaan TV. That there is no Shahrukh Khan or Justin Bieber, or Barack Obama. That even if I were to see Shahrukh Khan in front of my eyes some day, it would again be my imagination. That I see what I want to see. That I see bad because I feel bad, that I see good because I feel good.

It makes me feel better. It helps me control my emotions. It encourages me to live for myself. To feel happy for myself.

The world might or might not be an illusion but our life is definitely a short journey we see with two eyes, hear with two ears, and feel with one heart. Live it, love it :)


Deeps Paul said...

i think therefore i am theory doesnt hold ground anymore i guess

your writings have some philosophical touch

Anuja Sharma said...

Thanks Deeps. :)

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