~~~COLLEGE DAYS~~~(Part 6)...Bhakk Saala :)

13 February, 2013

Ok. It’s time now that I bring into picture a guy who is crazy but cute. The guy who caught my attention on the very first day of college, when I saw him giving in to whatever the seniors demanded as part of their ragging spree. He did it all with a smile and stood out as a guy who was bold and fun-loving. Yes, I am talking about Saumit Chandra, our weird friend from Jamshedpur :P

Saumit has his own ways of doing things. Wait, ‘weird ways’ :D But he never means ill, but this we didn’t know then. All we thought was, ‘kya hai yeh!’ And it all began after he grabbed the ‘Mr. Fresher’ title at the fresher’s party.

He went home that night, picked up his phone and began throwing around his free smses. Not to forget- to female friends. And the messages were as weird as him...love shaayari messages...at 12 o’ clock in the night. These girls complained about the same to other guys in the class. Young and immature minds that we were then, we went on a mass boycott of Saumit Chandra instead of confronting him. Am sure the poor guy didn’t know what was going on.

Something something happened and slowly everybody realised that they were wrong. Nishant and Anil took his class one day and asked him to repeat after them ‘XYZ girl meri behen hai’. And he did it, for all the girls in the class (apparently, except one – let’s leave that for some other time). But that was all on the fun side. The guy never meant to hit on any girl. He is just over friendly by nature.

When I was going through this sheet of paper signed by everyone with good wishes on the last day of college, I found a note from Saumit whose last line read, ‘always remember, I am always there for you (as a brother).’ Haha. Later I found out, he had written the same line for all girls. :D

Dear Saumitwa, there’s only half an hour to go for the clock to strike 12 o’clock of 14th February 2013. But by no ways and means, am I trying to hit on you. Hehehehe. Just kidding re. And now am going to say what I have never said before – I love you... really, from the bottom of my heart. Never had the courage to say this to you.. BAZINGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Hahahahahaha

There was this day when we (Nishant, Ankit, Anil, Saumit and me) were playing cricket. After half an hour of futile attempts at being the batsman, bowler, and fielder, I was finally asked to become the umpire. As I stood there behind the wickets, Saumit, the bowler, came running from almost 1 km to deliver the ball to the batsman. As soon as he reached the wicket, I raised my hand signalling him to wait (for no rhyme or reason, just for fun). He almost fell as he slowed down his pace and two fat words spurred from his mouth: “BHOOOOOTNI K!!” I was left agape!! Hehehe.. But it didn’t matter, we just laughed our heads off!

This can go on and on. Maybe I’ll write another post about our friend soon. As I close this particular post for now, I want Saumit to know, no matter how much we would have laughed at him, he was the one person who brought the real fun element in our group. We would have been a boring bunch without him. You really are special Saumit. We’ll surely get you a role in ‘Taare Zameen Par- Part 2’. :D


Saumit said...

Le li meri dobara!!

(and for ur kind info, mereko to aaj tak pata nai tha k tumne unison me mera boycott kar diya tha initial days me...)

NEways, thank u for the rest of the honor, bhootni ki... and looking forward to part2...

Anuja Sharma said...

hehehe..sudhrega nahi tu!!

Anil Meena said...

amazing is the word for this post!!!! seriously yaar bahut khoob likha hai!!! saumit khush hoja.... this is untold story of urs!!!

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