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22 February, 2013
I have been on quite a weight-loosing spree of late. Haven’t been too successful though. Am sure you want to ask me what my weight was when I started and what it is now. But no no no no - am certainly not going to tell you. You should never ask a lady her age and weight. :D

Here are the top six reasons I haven’t been able to shed that extra kilo:

1.Em See (MC) Donalds: Monday morning. It is the ugliest truth in the existence of mankind. The task of getting oneself up after a fabulous weekend – that’s the most tedious task that can ever exist. Anyways, I do somehow manage that and drag myself to office. And then I visit MC Donalds, which is just below our office building, to give my taste buds that awesome feel of the MC Donalds Breakfast Menu. Those of you who haven’t had this yet – I look at you with an expression of disgust. I mean, how could you not?? No, I am not the brand ambassador of the company. But please...

Anyways, I collect my breakfast menu and sit by the window, where I get a clear view of the hustle bustle slowly creeping in as people reach their offices after the weekend. It gives me that feeling that ‘I am not the only one’. There are people out there who are working day and night to earn that extra penny. I am certainly not alone. Then I open the ketchup pouch, unwrap my McMuffin, take the first bite, close my eyes for a while and chew as I slowly drown in the ecstasy of the moment. I pick up my cup of cold coffee, take a sip, and feel the cold liquid gently push down the McMuffic down my throat. Nirvana.

I go there to derive some pleasure - an endeavour to kick off the week on a happy note. The only sad part is that while I am on my way back to work, I'd have met someone I didn't want to meet. Naah, not my boss. My old enemy – ‘Fats’!!

2.The Ibiza Club, Subway, Pizzocheri, CCD, Dominos: Yes, that’s the list of all the other food outlets below my office building. Now do you really think it is my fault that I cannot lose weight? A big chunk of my body parts is literally made up of the food I eat at these outlets on a daily basis. Whenever one part of me says during lunch time ‘No, you can’t do this to yourself’, the other part shouts out ‘Are you kidding me?? There’s only one life, live it!’ hehehe.. That’s the point where the latter part wins.

3.Awesome PG dinner: The breakfast and lunch at our PG does not just suck, it sucks big time. But our PG aunty never fails to please us by offering 'A-One' dinner. Whoever said eat dinner like a beggar, must have been staying at home and his mom would have been treating him with the king size breakfast and princely lunch. Sorry, doesn’t apply in my case. :P

4.Chocolate lover that I am: If you present me with a chocolate, I got to finish the whole damn thing, right then! God knows why, but am not amongst those who save chocolates for later. In the case of chocolates, for me, it is now or never. That’s the reason, when I was at home, everybody used to think that the refrigerator eats chocolates. Hehehe. Chocolate is one thing I CANNOT SHARE. If you’re my friend and am sharing it with you, then you must know that you are very very special. And if I buy chocolates for you, then maybe I consider you God. Hehe. Everything is fare in love and war, and also in chocolates and sharing. :P

5.Social and Outgoing: I love to catch up with friends over the weekends. To most of them, just like me, the idea of fun is to eat eat and just eat. In Kamlanagar, North Campus, we would visit QDs, Mc Donalds (this idiot follows me wherever I go :P), Crazy Noodles, Dwarka, Chacha (for his world famous in India chhole bhature), etc etc. In Connaught Place, we visit Pizza Hut, Dominos, Nirulas, Wengers, and our latest love ‘Hira Sweets’. At Chandni Chowk, we go to Paranthe waale gali, Jalebi wala, and Haldirams. And the list is never ending..

6.I laugh a lot: Crack the silliest joke, and you’ll hear me laughing at the top of my voice. They say that people who laugh a lot, are usually chubby dubby. If that’s true then I needn’t elaborate this point. People who know me well, know that making me smile is not difficult at all. :)

I am not the slightest perturbed by the fact that I am not like those thinny-thin girls who have guys going gaga over them. Do I sound jealous? Hehehehe. Maybe, I do:D

A great MAN once said that – ‘Thin or fat, doesn’t matter. You should just be fit’. Nonsense. You are a MAN dude. It doesn’t matter to you. You’re gonna get a girl any which ways. Am a girl, and good guys are either already committed and if they are not, they go after good girls. And who are good girls? They are girls who are thin.. AND, I AM NOT THINNN!! UAAAAAAAAAAANNNN :’(


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Santhanam said...

Hey hi

Ur Friend( myself good guy) is still single and not committed.

Anyways Nice Article.

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