~~From Wind, with Love~~

16 May, 2012
On my door I heard a knock,

“Go away”, I shouted, “I am a rock!”

Yes, I am a rock,

Full of anger and shock...

Closed all doors of feelings and love,

Near and dear ones I have shoved,

The darkness is my only friend,

At least it’ll be there till the end...

On my door I heard a knock again,

I shouted: “It is all in vain”

“Go away, there’s nothing you will gain”

“I am bound in chains, and in a lot of pain!!”

Life was once a breath of fresh air,

There were people to love, and people who would care,

But now, I just sit all day in an old chair,

And at my roof I continuously stare...

That knock again,

As I stood up and unlocked the door chain,

a strong wind dashed into me,

Tears of happiness ran down my cheeks,

I smiled and thought, “At least, there is someone who’s come to hug me,

To caress my hair, and touch my cheeks.”

The wind brought back the life I hated,

After a long-long time, I felt loved and rejuvenated...


Anonymous said...

I could literally imagine it. :) That was really a good work there. :)

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