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06 May, 2012
There are times when I want to be loved and cared for. When I want to be told that I am a good human being. That I am not as bad as some people think I am. That I look good if not beautiful. That I have an average mind if not intelligent. That I look good when I smile. That my smile and happiness means the world to you. That if I happen to vanish someday, you would care to search for me. That my tears are precious. That you wouldn’t let them flow unless they are tears of happiness. That you would hold my hand during tough times. That you would let me put my head on your shoulders when I feel upset. That you would kiss me on my forehead when I am unwell. That you would wake up all night just to watch me sleep. That you would be there even when the whole world is against me. That my presence means the world to you. That if I leave you, you would die. That you would rather die, than leave me alone.


deeps said...

The Bible says, "do to others what you would have them do to you"

Anuja Sharma said...

Well said Deeps :)

Anonymous said...

deeps... that was a really deep thought. Its Karma! :) True. I believe in it! :)

Anyways, @anuja.. that was a really good post. So full of love. ;)

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