~~Yeh hai Bambai meri Jaan - Part 2~~

12 May, 2012
Puja Tayal (Poooo): Kya aap life se bohot bore ho gaye hain? Kya aap ko lagta hai ki aapko energy ki zaroorat hai? Nahi, boost peene ki koi zaroorat nahi. Turant jaakar Puja ji k saath kuch time spend kijiye. She will pump in many Joules of energy into you! That’s true, she is the over-enthusiatic girl of the gang. She brings life into the most lifeless thing. Even non-living things like pizza, pasta, and pastries are things that amuse her. I have always seen her as a happy kid, in times thin or thick. Her bunch of PJs are world famous in India :P She possesses a unique power to kill by showering an array of them on you! Hehe.. I admire you Pooo and will always pray to God to give you all the happiness in the world. :)

Aravind Krishnan (Orbind): Grrrrrrrrrr...Our very own Tiger, and my very own Orbind. When I first saw him he looked like the most sincere and studious person ever, but as the truth slowly unfolded, it became clear that looks are indeed deceptive. :) There is no mother's red (maai ka laal) who can beat him at his amazing sense of humour, blend with the perfect timing. He values his friends more than anybody else and his mother means the world to him. True to his Libran stature, there would be times when Orbind would get a bit serious and philosophical about life. He is utterly romantic at heart and the sweetest of guys, again a trademark of Librans. An awesome writer and poet, whose vocabulary I admire. Sky is not the limit for you my dearest Orbind. Love always, Chaanch.

Hemant (Hemu): Tall, dark, and handsome. Wait, did I just spot Hemu? Oh yeah! Ahem ahem. I remember when he walked into the office for the first time-head held high, eyes looking straight, and not a hint of nervousness. He came and sat on his workstation, which was just next to mine. For a couple of days, he pretended to be extremely sophisticated, focussed, and no-nonsense kind of a guy. Luckily, he was none of them. He is one hooligan and sophistication and sense are oxymorons when added to his name. Haha.. Slowly, people (read Ancy John :P) started teasing me with his name. They said we were the perfect match for each other and this is how they justified it: he tall me short, he dark me fair, he femininely handsome and me masculinely beautiful (whatever that meant :P). Pyaar chhupta nahi chhupaane se. Yeah right. Hemu started smelling whatever was cooking- as soon as he would enter the floor and come and sit beside me, Ancy and gang would start shouting my name. When Hemu would come and stand next to me to talk about something, my computer screen would be flooded with IMs from the naughty bunch. These IMs would all read the same, for e.g. “Busy?” or “kabhi idhar bhi aaoooo”.. hehe. The funniest part was that all this while, Hemu would be aware of whatever was going on. Six something feet tall that he is, he would look at that mischievous bunch across the floor and blush and grin. I could sense that Hemu had started loving it. :) And to make a confession, so had I. :P Hemu is one of the best friends I have, and I am lucky to have met him.. Thank you Hemu my dear for keeping me as your wallpaper, heartpaper, and eyepaper. Like you once wrote that you “hope our roads meet in future (before either of us get married) :)”, I am sure they will. Distances can never do us apart. :P :)

To be continued (asap)...


deeps said...

thats a short sweet 'love story'... and hopefully the fragrance lingers on n on n on... :)

Anonymous said...

How smart of you to hide your love story as just a friendship! :D

Those last two posts were fabulous. Got to know you more by just your friends. ;)

Puja Tayal said...

Anujaaa awesomely awedsomee... kabhi yaha to aaoooo hahahah ..... hemmmuuuu Mr. Tall dark and handsome... and my red... matlab mera lal tigeram and u the naughtiest of the lot... trying hard to act sphisticated... o I love tht zabardaasti ka sophistication look of urssss

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