~~Yeh hai Bambai meri Jaan - Part 1~~

11 May, 2012
I spent two of the most wonderful years of my life in Mumbai. Cheers Interactive, the company I worked for, blessed me with many angels, I call friends. Most of them were Mumbaikars, or from some other parts of the nation but born and brought up in Mumbai. I take this opportunity to tell the world that they are really awesome people to know, who will go to any degree to help you and make you smile.

Ok. So one fine day I decided to end my journey in Mumbai to go back to Dehradun for some personal reasons. My Mumbaiya friends were not very happy with my decision, but they let me go because they wanted their Bhotu to do whatever made her feel happy. It was the end of a beautiful journey, and time to say good bye to:

Ancy John (Bachi): When I see Ancy, I realise how mad I am. That’s because I see a reflection of me in her. We are the same. People at Cheers use to say: “tumhara zaroor sarr takraya rahega kabhi, isliye tum ek jaisi ho”. But none of you are aware of the truth. We also discovered it while I was busy packing my bags to leave Mumbai. I was supposed to lock my bag with a password. I didn’t know how to lock it, so Ancy did it for me. I told her keep the password as ‘0106’. She asked me: ‘Whyyyyy’. I told her it’s my mother’s birthday. Ancy’s immediate reaction: “o tere ki, that’s my mother’s birthday too!!” That’s when we realised why both of us have two elder sisters each, and that the reason why we are the same is not because we banged into each other but because our Moms are the same. :P Crazy people have crazy stories, indeed. You know how much I love you bachi. I admire you for the person who spreads fun and happiness wherever she goes. I hope our roads meet soon again in the future. Mwahhh :*

Subhash Verma (Subbu): Well, if Ancy is me, then Subbu is the ‘male me’. Yes, this guy is mad too. I remember how Ancy and I used to beat him up, and how he used to cry out to Somu for help.. heheheh.. We would sit in his lap, spoil his hair, and do all sorts of crazy stuff!! He christened Ancy ‘kachra’, and me ‘bhotu’ alias ‘Donut’ alias ‘Pakora Sharma’(because I used to eat a lot). Subbu is my cutest teddy bear. :)

Moumita Chakraborty (Momu): One person I connected with immediately. She would laugh like mad at my jokes. One day, while I was busy smearing cake on someone’s face on a birthday/farewell and doing all sorts of crazy stuff, Momu, who was a silent watcher, messaged me on my phone. She praised me for the way I am, and how I can make people smile. And her last line said, “I hope I have a friend here for a lifetime”. She is the smartest people I have ever met. Her endearing personality, the way she carries herself, the way she smiles at all times, makes me admire her more than anyone else. We will see her as an eminent person some day, I am damn sure :)

Vinay Dhoke (Toothless): A friend in need is a friend indeed. This guy has always been there when I needed him. He knows all my dark secrets, and I trust him blindly. He was my biggest support at Cheers, and outside it. I am indebted to him for the ways he has helped me, and made me smile when times were rough. Yeh apna muh zyada nahi kholta, lekin jab kholta hai toh chup nahi hota. Hehehe. One of the best listeners ever (he almost excels at it), infact you would have to say a ‘hello’ after every short while on the phone to confirm whether he is still there or not :P hehe. Jokes apart, he is a friend who has always made me feel special, wiped my tears when I cried, and always assured me that everything will be okay. :)

Suman Sameer (Somu): O o bole Bihari munda, o karda crazy munda,

Lagata woh tie-shie, hai very hi-fi.

O bole Mumbai ko ganda, o pagla hai yeh banda.

Hai bhoola woh hindi taane, te gaaye Marathi gaane.

Aata jaata nusk nikaale, kaam dhaam ka naa. Aata jaata nusk nikaale, kaam dhaam ka naam.

Paar samundar aake isne itna hi jaana:

Ke pee-paa k sadak pe rehna

Te sulgaa k havve me rehna

Ke pee-paa k sadak pe rehna

Hehehe.. I know I am dead once Somu reads this. Tune jo itne thappad maare hain, uska badla hai yeh. Hehehe.

Well, Somu is a cutely handsome guy. He knows he has the looks, and he will do his best to flaunt them. :D He and I were the only Delhi University-educated people in our department and so were always united when somebody said anything against Delhi. Can never forget our ‘mile surr mera tumhara’, when instead of smiling at me you made such a disgusted face while we stood and sang that song in front of everyone. hahaha. I so miss the pillow fights with Ancy and me in one team and you and Subbu in the other. And the times you were stuck alone with me and Ancy in the lift.. hahahah.. Somu, you are absolutely incorrigible and we love you like that. :)

To be continued (very soon)...


Vinay said...

Excellent literary skills and an apt verbal portrayal of every one. Thanks for all the adulation, Anuja :)

ANCY said...

awww...this just made me miss you all the more. i love you so much, you make my life much more happening and fun..cant wait to see you here..COME BACK!!! MUAHHS

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